Brahms: Violin Sonata No.1

Koichi Miyoshi, Kumiko Kito

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Johannes Brahms

  1. Violin Sonata No.1 G-dur Op.78

Koichi Miyoshi, violin
Kumiko Kito, piano
Piano: Bösendorfer Model 225
Recorded Live at Keyaki Hall in Tokyo on May 6, 2022

Director & Producer: Akira Naito
Piano Technician: Daisuke Araki
Recording & Mixing Engineer: Tak Sakurai (Pau Ltd.)


Koichi Miyoshi

Born in Sapporo (Japan), he started the violin at an early age with the Sapporo Symphony founder Masao Arayama. While attending the Hokkaido University, he participated in the Pacific Music Festival, working with conductors such as Leonard Bernstein and Michael Tilson Thomas. Upon graduation, he moved to Tokyo, being active in orchestra, chamber music, and solo recitals. He currently resides in Aichi, where he teaches and leads amateur orchestras, student orchestras, and concert bands, as well as performing solo and chamber music recitals.


Kumiko Kito

Hailing from Nagoya (Japan), Kito graduated from Ferris University. From a young age, she immersed herself in improvisation and developed her musical skills through the art of improvisation.  Her music has been praised by music magazines as “amiable and penetrating” and “a pianist who is able to balance her intellectual approach and her own flair of inspiration to create a unique personality.”