Akira Naito

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  1. Francis Poulenc: Intermezzo FP118  4:35
  2. Francis Poulenc: Les chemins de l’amour (arr. Akira Naito)  2:57
  3. Gabriel Fauré: Romance sans paroles op.17-3  2:25
  4. Frédéric Chopin: Valse op.64-2  3:03
  5. Déodat de Séverac : Cerdaña – 2. Les fêtes (Souvenir de Puigcerda)  6:56
  6. Maurice Ravel: Pavane pour une infante défunte  6:25
  7. Federico Mompou: Paisajes – 2. El lago  5:45
  8. Gabriel Fauré: Barcarolle No.6 op.70  3:51
  9. Gabriel Fauré: Nocturne No.6 op.63  9:01
  10. Federico Mompou: El pont  6:50
  11. Déodat de Séverac: En vacances I – 7. Valse romantique  3:02

Akira Naito, piano
Recorded at Otaru Marin Hall, September 7-9, 2021
Piano: Steinway

Producer: Akira Naito
Director: Yuki Kamiya
Recording & Mixing Engineer: Akihito Kagaya (Hokkaido Kyoritz Inc.)
Mastering Engineer: Norio Iseki (Hokkaido Kyoritz Inc.)
Piano Technician: Hideki Kawagishi
Paintings: Chihiro Homma
Designer of the cover: Shin-ichiro Yabu

Paysage / Akira Naito [Official MV]
Fauré: Nocturne No.6 Op.63


ソノリテ・レーベルを主宰するピアニスト内藤 晃のセルフ・プロデュースによるアルバム第一弾。小樽マリンホールのスタインウェイで奏でる、フォーレ、セヴラック、モンポウらの詩的な余韻を湛えた佳曲たち。内藤がディレクターをつとめた神谷悠生の録音セッションの残り時間で「棚ぼた」的に生まれたこのアルバムは、気負いのない楽器との戯れが心地よい空気を醸し出しています。このアルバムでは、同ホールでラヴェルの録音を終えたばかりの神谷悠生がディレクターをつとめており、内藤と神谷の友情の産物でもあります。

内藤 晃「ワルツとロマン」




7月18日(月)高崎アトリエミストラル »7月21日(木)横浜リリスホール »


Akira Naito

Akira Naito is a Japanese classical pianist and conductor. He graduated from Tokyo University of Foreign Studies and also studied in Conducting Course at Toho Gakuen School of Music. In March 2008, he made his debut as a pianist by releasing his first CD Primavera, which won the special commendation from the magazine The Art of Records. In March 2012 he was invited as one of only 10 conductors to take part in master classes with Leonid Grin at The International Järvi Academy in Pärnu, Estonia. He attended International Bach Competition 2014 Leipzig and was chosen as one of 13 pianists and got 2nd diplom, highly praised by Prof.Jacques Rouvier.

He is active not only as a pianist but also as a conductor, a writer, and a reviser of scores. Recently he translated August Göllerich’s The Piano Master Classes of Franz Liszt 1884-1886, which has been published in 2021. Since 2015, he has been the leader of the instrumental group Ongakushitsu-Trio, using educational instruments - recorder, melodion and piano. He has participated many CD recordings, which includes world premiere performances of new compositions, and has deep trust with eminent soloists or composers, such as Masao Yoshikawa and Céleri Haruhata. In 2020, he also started his career as a recording director of his own sonorité label, making good use of his experience as a conductor-pianist.