Nobuhito Ouchi

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  1. J. Pachelbel: Suite in F sharp minor
  2. J. Pachelbel: Prelude in D minor
  3. J. A. Reincken: Partie diverse sopra l’Aria: Schweiget mir von Weiber nehmen, altrimente chiamata la Meyerin
  4. D. Buxtehude: Aria “La Capricciosa” BuxWV250
  5. G. F.Händel: Chaconne in G major
  6. J. Pachelbel: Ciaccona in F minor
  7. D. Buxtehude: Ciaccona in E minor
  8. J. N. P. Royer: La Marche des Scythes

Nobuhito Ouchi, piano
played Steinway & Sons, New York Model D (No.512771) Recorded at Coppice Miyoshi on September 1-3, 2020
2021 sonorité [SNRT2001]

Director & Producer: Akira Naito
Piano Technician & Piano Producer: Yu Takagi
Recording Engineer: Gen-ichi Kitami

D. Buxtehude: Aria “La Capricciosa” BuxWV250
J. N. P. Royer: La Marche des Scythes


Nobuhito Ouchi

Nobuhito Ouchi is a young Japanese pianist, born in 1991. Ouchi specializes in the music of the Renaissance Baroque era. He is passionate about taking music written for the harpsichord, clavichord, organ, and presenting it on the modern piano, being aware of the performance practice, philosophy and numerology of the time. In this album, Ouchi brings new life to the works of Buxtehude, Pachelbel, etc. on a New York Steinway, and one can experience the thrilling music world of the Baroque masters.